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  • The life of your character is in your hands, for you to decide what your character does and says. For the purposes of the game, you are your character. You decide what risks to accept or decline. Everything you say or do has an effect on the world. (actually this is a quote from one of the original Masquerade books but well worth repeating)

  • Life is just one big roleplaying game, and you're a pc

  • You never have to fear the Machiavelli at your back. You expect them to be there. It's the one in front of you that you have to worry about. This is also true of every shadowy, manipulative type of person you can think of... including GMs!

  • If you eat enough pizza and drink enough Mt. Dew and Guinness, you can successfully stave off sleep for more than 96 hrs before collapsing... The addition of whiskey, however, brings that number down to 9.6 hrs... and the addition of rules' lawyers brings that number down to 9.6 MINUTES.

  • Anything that glitters is probably a trap.

  • Hope and despair are the same emotion, with opposite amounts of energy and action.

  • Interesting rarely coincides with "safe".

  • Beauty doesn't mean crap. Stats mean even less. Interesting quirks of personality and setting yourself apart from your fellow characters/players with the chutzpah to carry off those quirks, now THAT's sexy.

  • If it looks too cool to be true, run.

  • Never underestimate people who don't look like fighters. They can often kick the crap out of you without breaking a sweat.

  • Never assume that the muscle-bound badass can't read Latin or Greek.

  • Death is swift. Revenge is slow torture.

  • The best revenge really is outliving your enemies.

  • Truth really is stranger than fiction.

  • All madness has method. All methods have madness.

  • Never bring a sword to a gunfight.

  • All rules and laws are made to be broken. Even the rules of Elysium and the laws of Physics... the only exception? The Game Master is ALWAYS right.

  • Falling in love with someone is the surest way to kill them. Falling in love is the surest way to bring the disappointment and hatred out in your fellow characters. It's also the surest way to stop giving a damn about what they think of you.

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