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Crystal Odenkirk

A library of my work

19 November
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This journal is the primary library of my writing and links to my visual work, thanks to the nifty "Memories" option that lets me categorize and sort easily. It's also an easy way for me to make my newest work available to those few people who have asked me to keep them updated on it.

I'm a freelance creative based out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For more information about my work and about me, visit my website at the above link or my personal livejournal at Rose Red in Wonderland. Yes, if you're interested in my work, I'm accepting new clients, however, LJ and certain other interested parties do not permit me to advertise here, so I expressly am not. This really is just my library. Check out my website (above) for more info if you're interested in my work other than just simply looking at and reading it.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed creating them...

Legalese: With the following exceptions, all material in this journal © 1989-2004 Crystal Odenkirk. All rights reserved.

Exceptions: This journal contains a small amount of, among other things, character-based fiction set in various role-playing game settings, for my own documentation and categorization purposes. This is not intended as a challenge to those settings. If you own any of the settings here and would like any references to them removed (or preferably your legalese added here instead), please contact me and I will happily oblige.

White Wolf's policies require me to post this notice and their link prominently if I use any of their settings (which I do): Some (obvious) parts of this journal © 1990-2004 Copyright White Wolf Publishing, Inc.. All Rights Reserved. The stories which contain this setting are not for sale and are only posted as "Friend," as part of my attempt to get my work in order (and because I have had requests to repost and finish them after I redesigned my personal site without them; I'm selling my freelancing services there and that fact forbids me from posting anything WW related). If you came here looking for them, you must register with livejournal and "friend" me and then the next time I check it I'll friend you back in order to read them.

Let me repeat just to make it clear: anything posted as "Friends" is NOT for sale.

Anything from "Wolves Glen Pub" was co-written with the players running any other character involved.